Thor2 Story and Review

It’s so much fun to rip your 1/2S whoops all the time but charging your 1/2s packs has been a pain for many whoopers. You have to either wait for a long time for the batteries to be fully charged one by one OR do sketchy parallel charging.

You can SAY GOODBYE to those PAIN
Just plug and charge, Thor2 makes 1S/2S charging much easier.

Thor2 features FOUR independent ports, so you can charge FOUR 1/2S batteries at the same time, saving you a bunch of time of charging and letting you have more fun whooping!

We have ditched the fancy buttons designs and only keep 4.2V/4.35V switches on the Thor2.
So the Thor2 is super easy to use, only plug and charge and that’s all you need to do.
No more grouping batteries with similar voltage to parallel charge, no more fiddling with those buttons or knobs.

Thor2 is still a great field charger for you.
With XT60 adaptor, you can power the Thor2 by your large battery in the field. There’s also a Type-C port on the XT60 port, you can also use your powerbank ( which supports QC2.0/3.0 ) to power the Thor2 on the go.
Weighs only 44.7g, it can be easily packed into any of your FPV bag or even your pocket!

Curious if the Thor2 can really handle the 1S/2S charging well?
Checkout the review below from hardcore whoopers!