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What 2S Whoopers Say

This is a great option for charging 2s batteries in the field. Instead of buying a few new batteries, this charger can work off of an xt60 adaptor and charge via battery up to 6s. This is very convenient. I’m keeping this with my backpack so I can always charge when I’m out flying.
Mary Beth
Tornado FPV
The Thor has been working great for me. Super easy to use, so much safer than my sketchy XT30 parallel board. That’s actually my favorite part, not having to worry about another parallel board failure. Excellent product TuneRC!

FPV Community is Awesome

Come and Join IGOW3

IGOW3 is season 3 of International Game of Whoop in which you would compete with pilots from all over the world. Don't be stressed out as IGOW is not a traditional competition, you will get your flying skills improved and get to know many FPV friends while having fun whooping!

Learn FPV Tricks with Infinity Loops

If you want to get the hang of rock fpv tricks like powerloop, matty flip, trippy spin and etc, then you should definitely check out Whooptorial Wednesday (Whoop Trick Tutorials) on Infinity Loop's Youtube channel.Amd they are all FREE and super straighrfoward.

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