Learn FPV Tricks with Infinity Loops

Hey whoopers, if you want to get the hang of some rock FPV tricks like matty flip, split-s, powerloop and etc, then we highly recommend you check out Infinity Loops Youtube Channel.

Whooptorial Wednesday (Whoop Trick Tutorials)

You can find a series of  whoop tricks ( including powerloop, split-s, trippy spins and etc) here on Infinity Loops channel. All you want to learn can be found here, which saves you tons of time as you don’t have to do extra research on Youtube if you want to learn new tricks.

Infinity Loops helps you learn FPV tricks by breaking down the tricks+ explain the tricks in FPV simulator Velocidrone in which you can see the stick input movement easily+real life fpv trick flying footages.

I, myself learn how to do split-s and trippy spins thanks to Infinity Loops’ educational content!

Video List
How Do You Trippy Spin? (Whooptorial Wednesday)
How Do You Juicy Flick? (Whooptorial Wednesday)
How Do You Split S & Immelmann Turn? (Whooptorial Wednesday)
How Do You Inverted Yaw Spin? (Whooptorial Wednesday)
How Do You Powerloop? (Whooptorial Wednesday)
How Do You Wall Tap? (Whooptorial Wednesday)
How Do You Matty Flip? (Whooptorial Wednesday)
How Do You Maverick Loop? (Whooptorial Wednesday)
How Do You Half Matty Flip? w/Nathan Loopz! (Whooptorial Wednesday)

Who is Infinity Loops?

Infinity Loops is a is a Maryland based group of FPV pilots that fly a wide range of multirotors.

Pilots: Chance “Multiprops” and Phil “OG” and  Colin “Heads”