Get Inspiration From Other Pilots’ EZ Build

TKS GTR 2.5" Build

Kevin aka TKS FPV is a passionate FPV freestyle pilot and a creative designer. If you are interested in freestyle flying and 3d printed frame, Kevin will for sure give you tons of inspiration. He has designed TKS Echo frame, which gain lots of popularity in the micro community.  And GTR frame is Kevin’s newest 3D-printed frame design. 

He has used this GTR frame in combination with our EZ board, FPVCYCLE motor and HQ 2.5″ prop to make a sleek 2.5″ build. The build turns out flying great! The quad flies really smooth and can do the hardcore freestyle FPV tricks like powerflip, dive and etc really well.

Get the TKS GTR frame file at Printables Here
Davidpe Babytooth 3" Build

David’s babytooth 3″ build is one of the cleanest build I’ve ever seen. Every detail of the build is carefully and nicely set up. It’s so satisfying to take a few moments to look at his build more closely, the motor wires are all hidden under the aio flight controller and the motor wires length fits nicely on the frame, the tbs rx and vtx are placed securely on the board. And l also love the classic black and white color combo on this build. The white FPVCYCLE motors and the black frame/canopy /aio all together makes the build so clean and sexy! If you want to know how to make this clean build, you should definitely chekc out David’s build article on Rotorbuild.

Heads from Infinity Loops 2S Toothpick Build

Heads is one of the hardcore pilots from Infinity Loops, a FPV pilots group based in Maryland, the United States
In Heads’ FPV flying clip, he has made those tricky FPV tricks: inverted orbits, powerloop and proximity flying and etc look so easy!  

Heads bought the EZ board real fast when the board was available. He has setup a 2S toothpick build using EZ and made a review video on it. THANK YOU Heads for your support and hard work! Heads had a hard rip on this 2S toothpick build,  and the EZ board holds up well!  He also tweaked the tune a  bit to make the EZ fly well on his 2S build. The default tune is made for 1S build. Let’s check out Heads build specs, tune and flying clip!

TotoFPV 2S 2inch Build and 1S Build with 1002 Prototype Motors

TotoFPV has done a small stress test on the EZ board. He has built a 2S 2inch build with 1102 13500KV motors to see if the EZ could hold up well on the stress test. And on the 1S build, TotoFPV has tried a new motor size: 1002 with 2inch 1S setup. ( FYI: This tempting  1002 motor has not been released yet till Feb. 2022 ) And if you want to try the Quicksilver firmware on the EZ board, Quicksilver is supported with this board (fpvcyclef411 target).