1104 3600KV Brushless Motor


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Specifically Designed for 3" 3S-4S Lightweight Build

This 1104 motor is specifically designed for 3″ 3S-4S lightweight build.

With 3″ 4S setup, this 1104 motor is perfectly suitable for fast, agile and snappy racing/freestyle flying. If you prefer longer flight time, 3″ 3S setup with this motor is a better balance of flying time and power.

Stepped Shaft and Tall Stator Design Increases Durability

Crashes are unavoidable during flying. You may crash into trees, concrete roads or abandoned buildings, etc during flying. Durable gears could save you tons of time repairing drones. And that’s why this 1104 motor comes with a stepped shaft and tall stator design.

The stepped shaft design makes the motor more robust. And this 1104 motor features a tall stator design. The distance between the shaft and the mass of the motor is shorter making the bell smaller. And the bottom plate of the motor is designed to be thicker. All of these design is made to help the motor stand up to crashes well in long time use.


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