1S Battery Discharger


This little 1s discharger can discharge the 1s battery to 3.83V -0% +2%

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Discharge your 1S Battery Properly, No More Sad Puffed 1S Lipos

Have you ever fully charged all of your 1s batteries and got ready to have a blast flying your 1s beasts, but…some unexpected factors like bad weather, etc just ruined your flying plans? Leaving the 1s batteries fully charged is obviously not a good idea, which will result in the batteries getting puffed.
Our 1s discharger’s a good solution to solve this issue, it can discharge your 1s battery properly to 3.83V -0% +2%
No more puffed 1s Lipos

Safe and Easy to Use

The discharger will stop discharging completely once the discharging is done. The discharger is also very easy to use. You just need to plug in the 1s battery and the red led should be on, which indicates the discharger is working.  The red led indicator will be off once the discharging is completed. FYI: Please press the button on the discharger to put the discharger in working mode if the red LED indicator doesn’t turn on after the 1s battery is plugged in.


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