EZ F411 1-2S AIO (No RX)

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Note: The EZ F411 1S-2S AIO is also available on our FPV reseller store Rotorvillage

All Made for "Easy to Build Fun to Fly"

From the very beginning, we aim to make a very easy to build, strong and steady AIO that performs excellent on toothpick quads. We all love how agile, powerful and quiet toothpick quads are. And EZ is the product that we put great efforts in both design and making to bring you hassle free building and amazing flying experience on toothpick platform. It features 1-2S input voltage, BIG soldering pads and 6 layers PCB with 1oz copper. All of these are made for “Easy to Build, Fun to Fly”.

Input Voltage Supports down to 2.2V and up to 10V
Steady Platform for Toothpick and 1S Nano Longrange Quads

Capable of 1-2S, EZ still performs well at really low voltage.  So you could put it not only on toothpick quads but also  1S nano long range quads. And EZ also comes with a whole new electronics design and flashed with Bluejay firmware. No more words to explain. Just put EZ on your build, go out and enjoy the power and speed EZ brings.

BIG Soldering Pads
Makes Soldering Much Easier

We could feel your pain of hassling with those teeny tiny soldering pads. And now you don’t need to be worried about if you have messed up with the soldering, because EZ has BIG soldering pads and CLEAN layout, and we also ditched the motor plugs for weight saving and for easy soldering purpose!

6 Layers PCB 1oz Copper
Better Heat Dissipation

Within such a small platform, it’s not an easy job to make sure it has good heat dissipation while making it high performance.  But we made it finally! EZ features 6 layers PCB with 1oz copper, both current carrying capacity and heat dissipation capacity are getting better. 

EZ Performance on a 2S Toothpick

Big shoutout to Heads from Infinity Loops for this amazing review video. He got about 4:30-5:00 mins of flying time on hard freestyle flying. Parts used for this 2s build are hglrc 1202.5 8000KV motors, foxeer reaper vtx, gemfan props, caddx antlite camera and tattu 2s 450mah battery.

EZ Build Inspiration

Hardware Specs

  • FC MCU: STM32F411 (Cortex®-M4 100MHz)
  • Built-in OSD: AT7456E
  • Buit-in IMU: MPU6000
  • ESC MCU: EFM8BB21 ( 8bit 50MHz)
  • UART: UART1 (used for vtx by default), UART2( used for rx by default, supports SBUS)

Electronics Specs

  • Input Voltage: 2.20-10.0V( 1-2S LIPO/LIHV )
  • Power Output: 5V1.5A / 3.3V250mA (3.3V only used for rx)
  • Recommended Maxium Motor Size: 13mm
  • FC Target: FPVCYCLEF401
  • ESC Firmware: Bluejay F-H-70

Recommended Capacitor 

  • A 16V 68uf-100uf capacitor with low ESR ( around 300mΩ )  is recommended. The EZ board itself is designed to work properly without adding any capacitor, but adding a capacitor for sure would be the icing of the cake.
  • Size: 32.4mm x 32.4mm (widest size)   30.2mm x 30.2mm (narrowest  size)
  • Mounting Holes Pattern: 25.5 x 25.5mm   Room for M3.5 grommets to make M2 mount
  • Weight: 4.7g

 Download EZ 1-2S AIO FC Wiring Diagram PDF Manual Here

For CLI and other FAQs, please check out our support page.

Note for Firmware Update

You ONLY need to plug in the USB when flashing ESC or flight controller firmware on the EZ. You don’t need to plug in the battery . The reason why we recommend doing this is that it is helpful to eliminate the possibility of ESC being damaged during the firmware update.
To be more specific, when BB21 chip ( the esc mcu)  is in the process of firmware update, its output pin is out of control, which may cause damage to the ESC.
FYI: this method is ONLY applicable to this EZ 1-2S AIO flight controller.

Note for Frame Compatibility

EZ 1-2S AIO is designed mainly for toothpick and 1s nano longrange quads.
It does not fit all whoop frames.
If you want to use the AIO board on your 65-85mm whoop frames, please check out the dimension of the AIO board to see if it’s compatible with your whoop frames.

The EZ F411 1S-2S AIO board is designed and made for 1s-2s lightweight toothpick quads and nano long-range quads. And the motors that the EZ F411 board could handle well range from 08xx, 11xx. 12xx to 13xx sized.

The following are the amazing builds built by passionate pilots and all are proven to fly well.

2inch 1S Analogue Toothpick by z3rton3_fpv
  • 1003 22000kv motors
  • 2015 bi-blade props
  • 1S 600mAh battery
  • EZ F411 board
2.5inch 2S Analogue TKS GTR by TKS FPV
  • 1102 10000kv motors
  • 2.5inch props
  • 2S 450mAh battery
  • TKS frame 3D printed
65mm 1S Analogue Whoop by FerFPV

Because the EZ board is a bit bigger than other 1s whoop boards, you need to either do some modifications on the whoop frames or use longer screws to mount the board to make the board fit in the frame. 

  • 0802 22000kv motors
  • 35mm 3-blade props
  • 1S 300mAh battery
  • EZ F411 board
3inch 1S Toothpick by Davidpe 
  • 13mm 11400kv motors
  • 3018 bi-blade props
  • 1S 300mAh battery
  • EZ F411 board

3inch 2S Toothpick by Infinity Loops

  • 1202.5 8000kv motors
  • 3018 bi-blade props
  • 2S 450mAh battery
  • AOS T3 frame
  • EZ F411 board
  • 1 * EZ F4 1-2S AIO
  • 1 * XT30 pigtail with 20awg wire
  • 6 * black grommets

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1 review for EZ F411 1-2S AIO (No RX)

  1. Heads (Infinity Loops)

    The solder pads are well spaced, motors and uart pads. Everything is labelled well. Comes with a xt30 pigtail, so I ran it on 2s 450mah tattu cells, 3″ props, 1202.5 8000kv motors. Got around 4:30-5 minutes of hard flying freestyle. Handles the power great! I really like the screw mount holes on this FC. They are also complete circles with a small slit in the top to make getting grommets in really simple, it also helped to hold the FC in the bushings during a crash. Excited to put some more miles on this one!

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