Buzzer with Built-in Driver Circuit


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V2 features a plug design and longer wires for better maintenance.

Please note that the signal wire color is different on V1 and V2 buzzers. The V1 is blue and the V2 is white.
The buzzer in the wiring diagram below is the V1 No-plug version.

This buzzer has a driver circuit built in, so you can connect it to any flight controllers as long as there's a free/available port on it.

How to Connect the Buzzer to Poly F405 2S-4S AIO?

You just need to do the wiring as the diagram below. We have already done the mapping in Betaflight so you don’t need to do that in the CLI.
FC 5V — Buzzer Red Wire (3V-5V)
FC GND — Buzzer Black Wire (GND)
FC BZ — Buzzer Blue Wire (Signal)

How to Connect the Buzzer to Flight Controllers that features “Buzzer+” “Buzzer-” Soldering Pads?

You just need to wire the buzzer with the flight controller as per the instruction below. And you don’t need to do the mapping in Betaflight.
FC “Buzzer+” — Buzzer Red Wire (3V-5V)
FC “GND”— Buzzer Black Wire (GND)
FC “Buzzer-” — Buzzer Blue Wire (Signal)

How to Connect the Buzzer to EZ F411 AIO and Other Flight Controllers that don’t Feature Buzzer Pads?

Step 1. Firstly, please solder the buzzer’s signal wire ( blue wire) to any available/free port on the flight controller.
For example, RX1 is mostly the available port on the EZ AIO, so you can connect the
FC RX1 with the Buzzer Signal Wire (Blue Wire), FC 5V–Buzzer 3V-5V (Red Wire), FC GND–Buzzer GND (Black Wire)

Step 2. In Betaflight,  Enter “resource” in the CLI to find out the pin number corresponding to the port.
For example, pin number on the EZ corresponding to RX1 is A10.

Step3 . Free the available port in the CLI and then set the corresponding pin as beeper, finally enter “save” in the CLI
For example, on the EZ AIO board, in the CLI, enter “resource serial_RX 1 NONE” , and then enter “resource beeper 1 A10”. Finally enter “save” and you are done.

  • Working Voltage: 3-5V
  • Sound Loudness: ≥80db@3V, ≥85db@5V
  • Length: V1: 10.5mm | V2: 10.5mm
  • Height: V1: 7.5mm | V2: 10.5mm
  • Weight: V1: 1.4g  (including 75mm length wire) | V2: 2.0g ( including 0.9g 200mm length wire)
  • Wire Length: V1: 75mm | V2: 200mm
  • Blue wire (V1): for signal
  • White wire (V2): for signal
  • Red wire: for 3V-5V
  • Black wire: for GND

V1 No Plug Version, V2 Plug Version

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