3″ Carbon Fiber Frame


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We release two variants of 3″ carbon fiber frame for the micro community this time.
These two frames are both designed and made for toothpick builds. Both are unibody light design and comes with 3mm arm thickness. 25.4mm x 25.4mm or 20mm x20mm flight controllers both fit well on these two frames.

The 118mm version features shorter and more robust arms. And it only weighs 9.4g. The extra weight (compared with the 130mm version) and robust arm make it more suitable to stand up to crashes better for powerful and crazy fast 2S-4S toothpick build.
The 130mm version is made for 1S-2S toothpick build. In 1S-2S class, the build is really weight-sensitive. So the frame arm is designed to be as slim as possible so as to keep the weight as light as possible. The frame finally only weighs 8.8g.

Diagonal Length

118mm, 130mm


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